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Art History

By Christa Fairbrother

“Which is yours?”

I narrowed my eyes,

glanced askance at

the fifth-grade bully’s trap.

“Inny or Outy?”

Now the panic hit

I had no clue

Bambi fur/plastic target deer

in the headlights look


Hello Kitty/Cabbage Patch

“Neither.” I stalled.

“Your belly button.”

That’s when I knew,

I was an Inny, in all things

take my long, jagged limbs

fold them down, in, against

invert myself into a Picasso heroine

make myself smaller at this moment,

yet larger than life in the future

to cubist time travel back

into that portable classroom

whip-smart my tormentor

with her umbilicus.


Christa Fairbrother, MA, is a Florida-based writer living with chronic illnesses. She’s the author of the award-winning, Water Yoga (Singing Dragon, 2022). Her poetry has appeared in DMQ Review, The London Reader, and Unbroken among others. Connect with her:


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