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Your roommate moves out and it turns out the infestation was coming from his room.

By Haley Bossé

He says, it’s all ready for you now; he disinfected everything.

You wonder at the hornet curled around a tuft of carpet, the mold blooming in the shower. He leaves Two halves of a bar of soap on the tiles. He leaves

A sticker saying “you are beautiful” propped against the mirror, a dried ant pressed in the adhesive.


Haley Bossé is a queer, non-binary early childhood educator from the Pacific Northwest. Their poems have recently tried their hands at haunting such places as Strange Horizons, the Nimrod International Journal, en*gendered lit, All My Relations, and Bullshit Lit’s Horns Imprint. Others are content to lurk within their phone notes. Find Haley on Twitter.


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