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Terms and conditions

By Abigail Guerrero

By downloading and installing PARCA MOBILE in your dispositive, you agree with us collecting all the information related to your personhood. This information includes, but is not limited to: your search history (including your searches in incognito mode and the ones you think you deleted); your download history and the use given to each application in your dispositive; all your emails, messages, and conversations, including those marked as private (ha!); your credit and bank information, and all of your passwords; your GPS records with all the places you’ve visited and the time you’ve spent in each one of them; and every picture, video, or audio that your dispositive has ever recorded, with or without your consent (that’s to say, everything you’ve done and every word you’ve pronounced within a fifty feet ratio from your cellphone). You understand that we’ll use this information to build a profile that will allow us to analyze your personality, habits, interests, vices, general health state, and possible mental issues, so our algorithm can determine your more likely cause of death. Finally, you understand that our predictions are 99.98% accurate, and you release us from any responsibility if the knowledge of your future death drives you insane—although, of course, if you’re the kind of person who might commit suicide under extreme circumstances, we’ll let you know.

⃣ By checking this box, I am agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


Abigail Guerrero is an aroace and ESL/EFL author from Mexico. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bloodless: An Anthology of Blood-free horror, The Voidspace, Toil & Trouble, Cosmic Daffodil Journal, All Existing Literary Magazine, Exposed Bone, and Radon Journal. You can find her on Twitter.


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