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By Merlin Flower

Editor's Note: Due to the formatting of this work, it is best viewed on desktop.

So and so, feelings aligned. The Sun came out, so did God.

Listening to the evening

it targeted the

Nose of the mosquito.


Some kids were playing. The laughter revelled around like the raag

from the mouths of a flute player.

The balmy degrees increased in

warmth, warmer.

God wandered. It ate some peanuts from a street vendor. The salt smelt in its mouth.

It invested time in scheming.

Mind’s void deepened.

So did the (lingering) insanity.

The Sun kept smiling.

The kids got a mysterious disease. Kept dying, arrested forever.

God pierced the ocean

with a knife.

Had to be done.

Stubbornly, it relaxed on the banks.


Merlin Flower is an independent artist and writer.


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