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Reflections on Spring

By Maddy Sneep

Life is an exceedingly long thing that I

am knitting with moonbeams and yet

there will always be roads that

stretch longer

Grief smells of wet pavement and hope

of dumpsters in an alleyway but nothing

smells of roses because

the soil is barren

I’ve kissed highways and strangers and

swallowed swords the shade of sunset

that tear holes in the great

omniscient blue—

heaven’s leaking from the sky

so I’ll put down a bucket.


Maddy Sneep's work can be found in HORNS, Stone of Madness, and Papers Publishing. Her poetry won 3rd place in the Papers Publishing Poetry and Prose Contest in 2023. She also peddles her wares on her Etsy shop, SNEEPSTUDIOS. She lives in Austin, TX with her two cats who inspire her to work less and lounge more. Follow her Instagram.


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