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By Froso Papadimitriou

When life becomes obscure… just follow the chocolate.

I need to type; I need to capture the moment because time is absolute.

It is a juicy smell that travels from the nostrils and ends beep in the belly,

with greens and creams and reds in beautiful harmony,

irrelevant to its effect in time...time being subjective to the moment of occurrence; the cream of life.

In the sin of the moment...

the totality of desire expresses its self with one and only sense…that of taste...through the nostrils of a wet tongue.

Immersed in an allegory of divine power...the subject and the voyeur…two minutes release.

Two minutes drop…the end.

In the ghosts you the eyes you question...communication obsolete...

Where are we?

In the exquisite smell of a cheeseburger.


Froso Papadimitriou was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she studied illustration and multimedia. In 2006, she relocated to London, where she attained a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Art Policy and Management, curatorial pathway and it is where she resides to this day.

As a visual artist, Froso has collaborated with international galleries and institutions. Moreover, she has contributed written work to publications in Germany, Taiwan, the USA, Greece, France, Argentina, and the UK.

As a curator, she has written several press releases, art catalogue entries and art-related articles. Poetry, however, has been a decidedly personal way of expression and she has published only two poems. She wrote "Idoll" for L’atelier Melusine art space for a written word exhibition and "Mother Tongue" for the hand-printed limited publication “Culeao” by Iván Savorgnan studio in Argentina, on the subject of standardisation of the Spanish language.

Since her teens, Froso found symbolism and abstraction an easier way of expressing thoughts and concerns; one could say that her poetry is an autobiographical viewpoint of the world.

During her student years, she became exposed to surrealists’ poetry, which resonated with her. The French surrealist poet Arthur Rimbaud and Antonin Artaud and the contemporary Greek poet and anarchist, Katerina Gogou, have been the most influential to her poetry.

Froso may also be found on Twitter and at her homepage.

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