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By Derek R. Smith

A listless line of lyrics

The soft script of synecdoche

Punctilious purple;

We are in an emotional Modesto right now.

How did we get here? We sure do want out.

You have no (liminal) space for me.

Still, I fold myself into an

Origami swan shape

Crowing out a song of someone

That has forgiven you


Derek R. Smith (he/him) is a public health professional, Anishinaabe two-spirit, uncle, sibling, partner, friend, who finds it hard to not write poetry. He has 2023 publications in Great Lakes Review, ¡Pa’lante!, San Pedro River Review, euphony, Inlandia, Passionfruit Review, Lucky Jefferson and others. There is no space for distance here, in poetry, and isn’t that a beautiful thing?

You can find him on Instagram.


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