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My subpoenaed search history, October 31st

by Emma McCoy

8:47pm: How much candy to buy for normal-sized neighborhood

8:49pm: walgreens near me

9:17pm: where to stream caroline

9:17pm: where to stream caroline

9:17pm: where to stream CORALINE

10:48pm: how late do kids trick or treat

11:12pm: how to disable dorbell

11:13pm: how to stop doorbell shut off

11:18pm: can i call the police if guy just standing on my porch

11:19pm: is frankenstein real??

11:22pm: how defeat franken

11:22pm: frankenstein chase me help what to do

11:35pm: what to do if frankstin trapped in your closet

11:35pm: how kill frankesntein

11:35pm: frankenstein doctor or monster?

11:37pm: how to kill frankenstein’s monster

11:48pm: what does circular saw look like?

12:06am: do bones burn?? Bodies too

12:34am: is it illegal to burn in suburb backyard

12:55am: do franken bodies burn different than humans

12:55am: how to put out fire won’t go out??

12:56am: does a house come with fire extinguish

12:56am: walgreens near me

1:38am: where to stream nightmare on elm street

3:13am: is it illegal to kill a monster

3:14am: can i be arrested for killing a franken monster

3:16am: do i ahve to let police in my house

3:17am: do police need warrant fo


Emma McCoy is the Associate Editor of Last Syllable and a poetry reader for Whale Road Review and Minison Project. She has two poetry books, the forthcoming This Voice Has an Echo (2024) and In Case I Live Forever (2022), and a nomination for Best of the Net 2023. She’s been published in places like Thimble Mag, Cosmic Daffodil, and Jupiter Review. Catch her on Twitter: @poetrybyemma


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