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Mosaics as Puzzles

By James Marchiori

The secret code


In hidden alchemy to be understood.

A silent wheel which invents

the movement,

and the reason which followed

the path.

Revealing mosaics and puzzles,

ideals and riddles.

Concepts grounded

in the madman's mind.


James Marchiori is a Dublin based poet and writer. He wrote his first verses at nine years old and his last novel, ‘To My Beloved Heart’, a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, was amongst the nominees for the Saturday Visiter Awards in Baltimore, USA. He’s currently working on a crime novel set in Dublin, Ireland, with fragments of gothic, occult and supernatural elements. Bohemia incarnate, a free soul devoted to Surrealism and Poetry. An independent and critical observer.

James can be found online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or on his homepage.


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