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By Jagoda Olender


I was not angry that you lied

but rather I was scared to see

how easy it was for you

to look me in the eye and hide the truth

dangerously casual

not even a blink

well done, you.

I cried that night

silently, in my head

falling asleep

with cushions between us

those vast and horrid war trenches

I wanted to scream

please see me

but the cries echoed emptily in my mind

two people in love


two strangers staring into

their own confused souls

how am I supposed to know

which part of us

is the real one?


Jagoda Olender studied English and Medieval Literatures at the University of York in the UK. Her love for reading and writing poetry begun at the age of twelve when she was gifted a collection of Sylvia Plath's poems. Wherever she goes, Jagoda takes her notebook with her in order to scribble down observations on people and the world. She is currently working on her first novel. Apart from writing she also enjoys travelling, watching films and going on long countryside walks with her dog, Angus.


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