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Kissed Marigolds

By Selene Vina

Coffins splattered in between seams of a sisterly pinafore

Anklets dripping in blood, blood from the eyes, as she glides across elysiums,

Blood from the elbows, whose bones lay marked with caricatures of a brawl painted with red dye

Blood from her heart, as it drips down her face, shrouding her last breath away from them; lest they see her fall

Lest they believe that she cannot withhold it all

Lest they believe that her heart outweighs her mind

Blood from her hair, its curly braided locks crowned in a thorny veil,

Her heart cuts into a stone, ready for atonement

Ready to succumb to her life

She sees it chasm, her mind edges her on

She jumps...

Her crafty plan is awake

The woman she created has demanded her release

She welcomes her

She glances upon her mirror, little pebbles of light stare back

The pebbles that set her mind to day

Her reflections to night

The foamy ocean that engulfs her whole as she feels her heart

The seashell dresses her mirage, inviting her to join them

Only it's not a mirage

She soars across the land, her neck craned like the subtle tilt of a sword

Tattooed in vengeance and lit aflame by roses

The wind chimes soften their blow against the wind

As I turn away, chrysanthemums in my hair, drowsy from vigour

I don't stop

My feet are palm less as I venture into my window of fantasy

The frigid air of my memories mellows the air

My anklets tinkle through its seams

Callous in its wreckage, I carve through the words

Painting its shards with my pianos, its white teeth chipped with golden lint


Selene Vina is a writer and poet who publishes her works of poetry on her Instagram. Vina has completed seventeen years living on this planet. She lives in the Emirate of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. She engages her time in reading; she specializes in gothic literature, fantasy, and fiction. She likes to thrift clothes to reduce her role in capitalism and adores writing poetry in the raven's hours of the night. She is an Indian who loves incorporating her culture into poetry and plans to establish representation for South-Indian WOC in the Literary World.


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