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Honest Author Bio

By Alec Kissoondyal

Caridad Crowley spends her evenings writing and deleting what could be the next great American novel and gaslights herself into believing that it isn’t for of fear of rejection, but the same reason Buddhist monks wipe away their sand mandalas. Her work has been published in Milquetoast Magazine, Insecurity Quarterly, and The Imposter Syndrome Review. She lives with her cat, Mr. Pringle, who technically passed away three years ago, but she keeps his urn on her nightstand and talks to him whenever she feels lonely, which is quite often.


Alec Kissoondyal is a writer and recent graduate from the University of Florida, where he received his bachelor’s degree in English. His fiction has appeared in several publications, including The Los Angeles Review, Hidden Peak Press, and Cornice Magazine. He is also the winner of TEA magazine’s 2023 Palmetto Prize for Prose. You can find more of Alec's writing on his website,


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