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Hearth & Coffin Publicly Opposes SB 1646 (Perry)

Updated: May 3, 2021

CONTACT: Barrett White, Editor-in-chief or (832) 617-4048


Hearth & Coffin Publicly opposes SB 1646 (Perry)

As a Texan queer-owned small business, Hearth & Coffin has issued a public statement in opposition of SB 1646 (Perry).

HOUSTON (May 4, 2021) – Hearth & Coffin unequivocally stands in solidarity with transgender Texans in opposition of SB 1646 (Perry).

"As not only a small business in Texas, but as a queer-owned business and a staff of allies to transgender folks, we have strong concerns about the imminent consequences this bill could have on transgender youth, their families, and on medical professionals," says Hearth & Coffin editor-in-chief Barrett White. "We stand against this government overreach and offer our support to our transgender siblings across the state."

According to a letter published on May 3 by a coalition of mental health and child welfare stakeholders, "even with the committee substitute the bill would redefine 'child abuse' to include gender-affirming care, including parents, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and child welfare workers."

"Cutting providers and loved ones off at the knees will not prevent transgender youth, it will propagate the effect of youth who don't make it to adulthood," White continues. "Affirming care is life-saving care. Those involved in providing such care should not be defined by the state as child abusers."

Hearth & Coffin asks the Texas legislature to consider the consequences of changing the definition of child abuse. The current legislative session ends on May 31. We ask that interested parties donate to the Transgender Education Network of Texas.

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