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By Laura Titzer

Editor's Note: Due to the formatting of this work, it is best enjoyed on desktop.

Nausea lurks in my bowels,

tearing old skin from bone,

just enough to be delicious

in tank tops and swim suits.

Metallic catches

in the back of my throat,

tasting limp asparagus

and Mizuna on citrus peels.

Gouged wounds become

collections of bloody teacups,

a reminder of my failure.


Laura Titzer is an avid tea drinker and camping enthusiast who loves to play with her partner, ferrets, and cat. She is a writer, a lover of story, and facilitator of possibilities residing on the Coast Salish lands of Seattle, Washington. Her work has been published in Gastronomica, Invisible City, Pastel Pastoral, Streetcake, Gastropoda, Bureau of Complaints, Kosmos, and is the author of “No Table Too Small”.

She can be found online and on Twitter.


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