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Dracula's Lament

By Richard LeDue

How would you feel if your name

was public domain? If every time

someone bought a costume of you

you never got paid? Or when a movie

was made about your exploits

(I only drink blood to survive,

so let's avoid labels

like “evil” and “undead”),

they didn't even ask your opinion

on who to cast? Well, I've given up,

thought about walking out

into the sunlight, only to be reduced

to dust, but who would notice?

I've lived long enough to become just

another face, lost on the sidewalk

at midnight and so abundantly trivial

that most think I stole Bela Lugosi's accent,

although I was always more

of a Christopher Lee fan.


Richard LeDue (he/him) lives in Norway House, Manitoba, Canada. He has been published both online and in print. He is the author of seven books of poetry. His latest book, Everyday Failure, was released by Alien Buddha Press in October 2022.


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