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Dear Nashville,

By Todd Osborne

in my mind I am still

driving up and down murfreesboro rd

to and from my childhood home

wandering aimless, wondering at what changes

and what stays the same lately

all the news I hear of you is negative

a photograph in black-and-white a still

stuck in time long gone a man in a suit is calmly

stating horrific as if it is fine

another man is having his time cut short

for no apparent reason I miss you

and the innocence I possessed when I lived with you

before I possessed knowledge

or anything like wisdom the waters are still rising

in my mind they never stopped


Todd Osborne is a poet and educator originally from Nashville, TN. His debut poetry collection, Gatherer, will be published by Belle Point Press in Spring 2024. His poems have previously appeared at The Missouri Review, Tar River Poetry, Cutbank, and EcoTheo Poetry Review. He is a feedback editor for Tinderbox Poetry Journal and a reader for Memorious. He lives and writes in Hattiesburg, MS, with his wife and their three cats: Patrina, Gwen, and Pizza Roll.


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