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Carnival of Delights

By Peter Devonald

Welcome to the carnival of delights

forbidden sighs and sights

the known world has never seen

the alive and the has-been

all are welcome here to scream

and shout and make a scene.

For one night only the world is ours

the blood micro-moon shines and overpowers

the normal rules that control the everyday hours

strengthen and reinforce and devour

this near lunar eclipse

that ushers in this nights apocalypse.

Ready the banshee in its frenzy

Ghosts, gorgons and griffins reveal your envy

Cerberus is off his leash

Hydra will find his niche

Demons and Dragons and Unicorns

Will reveal their wings and fly tonight.

Hobgoblins and imps will cherish mischief

Manticore and Minotaur will have belief

that freedom beckons and they are who they want to be.

Werewolves and ogres just want to eat whoever they see

zombies hustle and bustle together

Valkyries are ready to all die altogether.

Sphinx asks riddles to play with your mind

answers are impossible you will find.

Wraith’s walk upon the land once more

revenge on the minds to even the score. Typhons and dragons breathe fire galore

the earth in flames and violently scored.

One night of carnage and madness is now

an evening that humans should avoid somehow

stay in bed, avoid and no caveats!

The carnival of delights is a mesmerising sight

the last rites of the bright lights are the highlight

the circus of monsters on this one terrifying night.


Peter Devonald is poet in residence at Haus-a-rest, regular columnist for Culture and Arts, and Heart Of The Heatons poetry winner. 50+ poems published / forthcoming in 2022: Artist's Responding to..., ArtLove02, Bolton Breakdown, Dear Politicians: Ecopoetry, Dirigible Balloon, Dwell Time Press, Forget-Me-Not Press, Greenhouse, 6 issues Haus-a-rest, RIVISTA, Sixpence Society, Shallot, Spoonie, Suburban Witchcraft, Substantially Unlimited: Stigma, and Wishbone Words. Five group shows including Tender Stems with PaintingWriting, Chronically Online Culturable Layered Onion. Featured in Poetic Map of Reading and Southwark Festival Of Words. 50+ film awards, former mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys) and Children’s Bafta nominated. Manchester based, Peter runs monthly 8-word stories for Heaton/Cheadle/Didsbury Post.

Peter can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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